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April 6th, 2012

South Plains Turf has entered into a marketing campaign with radio channel 101.1, so tune in to hear our radio ads. If you discovered us through the radio, please let us know!

April 9th, 2012

Just put the finishing touches on a batting cage/putting green/rec turf area in a backyard. Will post back with pictures when it is complete.

April 10th, 2012

Just put some finishing touches on the batting cage/putting green combo. Here are the pictures as promised.

 April 19th/ 2012

Started a radio advertising blitz for the next 10 days on 101.0 rock, here in Lubbock. Let's see if they sold us a bill of goods, or does the radio actually work!

May 11th/ 2012

Hey all! We are now servicing the Midland/Odessa region. We've had a ton of interest from down there and we finally took the plunge. If you're in the market for artificial grass of any kind, give us a call and let us fancy you up with a beautiful, minimal-maintenance lawn!

June 9th/ 2012

Another happy customer in Midland, Texas.


September 27th, 2012

Apparently, nobody in Midland knows we service that area. I wanted to assure everyone in Midland and Odessa that, we absolutely do serve that area. I contacted my SEO personnel and asked them why we are the number one result on google and yahoo search engines, here in Lubbock, but nothing in Midland. They told me I have to do certain things; one of which is to blog about being in Midland. So that's what I'm doing....Midland. I'm going to assume that nobody is reading this blog anyway, so my indiscriminate use of the word "Midland" won't be noticed by the public, but will be noticed by google's indexing system. So here it goes; People of the great city of MIDLAND!!! We are the best artificial turf company in, not just the panhandle, but Texas PERIOD! We would love to do more Midland work down in Midland, Texas because I used to live in Midland, Texas and Midland, Texas is a great city that I would like to go back and visit, as well as work there.

Midland, Texas holds a lot of great memories for me...especially living in Midland, Texas. My middle daughter was born in Midland, Texas. I have friends in Midland, Texas and Midland, Texas is just one heck of a town!!! So now that I've mentioned Midland, Texas an obnoxious amount in this blog entry, let's see if Google will index me and let the great people of Midland, Texas know that we service Midland, Texas!

P.S.- Here's a picture of a job we've done in Midland, Texas.


 Feb. 11th/2013

The winter proved to be a busy time for South Plains Turf, as we worked right through the holidays and into the new year, which is traditionally a slow time for artificial grass installation. South Plains Turf has had inquires from Midland, Odessa, Amarillo and even as far as Tennessee to install our synthetic grasses. Our reputation for quality work is unrivaled in the south plains and Permian Basin and 2013 looks to be an extremely busy year. If you or someone you know is thinking about getting artificial grass for their lawn, school, church or place of business, call now and get on our schedule, as summer of 2013 is looking to be a log jam.


February 27th/2013

Well, the cold weather hasn't deterred people from wanting their synthetic grass. From 1200 square foot putting greens in Midland, Texas, to dog runs and batting cages in Odessa, Texas. Lubbock is humming along, but all this snow has certainly set us back a few weeks. It's going to be a busy, busy year. Call us now and get your slot reserved, (806) 748-8873 or in Midland, Texas (432) 699-8873. We look forward to doing business with you.