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The SPT light turf is our most popular turf. This 50oz turf is perfect for residential areas with light to moderate traffic and is one of the most realistic looking turfs available today. It has a polyurethane backing which means you can rely on this highly dependable product to more than live up to the eight year warranty.


This particular product is created to have a hybrid aesthetic. Two-thirds field green and the remaining one-third of lime green are blended together to create an artificial grass surface that has tonal color dimension. Much of its use is attributed to landscape. It is an 80 oz turf with brown thatching and is one of our higher end turfs.


This product is our mid-priced turf and has a tuft suitable for moderate to heavy traffic. The longer 1.75 inch blades give a much more "lush" look to the turf.


This dura-flo backed product is great for drainage and has a longer pile height, mimicking a "fescue" look. It is great for light to moderate traffic and touts one of our more "realistic" looks.

 Pet Turf

Our Pet Turf is designed for comfort and utmost durability with thatch composition. It can thus withstand moderate to heavy traffic for rough play and performance. This product’s backing is coated with polyurethane for added strength. It is a 65 oz turf with a one inch high pile that is perfect for the average pet.

South Plains Turf uses many more turf products than those listed above. Please request to see our other turfs if you don't see what you like in our above selection.