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Artificial Grass Maintenance - Remove Debris Regularly
Your synthetic grass should be kept as free from debris as possible. This includes leaves, animal waste, and smaller objects like discarded paper wrappers and branches. Inspect your lawn regularly for these objects. Remove them by hand or use a plastic garden rake. Never use a metal rake. It is also safe to use a leaf blower on synthetic grass.

Artificial Grass Cleaning
For homeowners who live in areas where it rains periodically, rainwater will usually be sufficient to remove dust and bits of soil from the synthetic grass. If desired, the area can also be hosed down periodically. This may be a good idea if the homeowner has animals. If there are stains that can not be removed with water alone, a mild detergent may be used. Gently wipe the surface until the stain is removed. Solvents or harsh chemicals should never be used to remove stains.

Artificial Grass Maintenance: Considerations for High Traffic Areas
Synthetic grass installed by a knowledgeable artificial grass contractor will be quite durable. However, it is important to keep a close eye on the areas of the lawn that receive the most traffic. Two problems in these areas are common. First, the fibers can become flattened over time. To remedy this, use a brush to return the fibers to their original position. Brush them in a number of different directions for a more natural look. Secondly, the infill under heavily-used sections can become compacted, resulting in noticeable depressions. To fix this, all that is needed is some infill and a stiff brush. Simply apply infill to the depression and work it in using the brush. Continue to add infill until the surface is once again uniform.

Professional Artificial Grass Maintenance
Removing debris, inspecting high traffic areas for depressions or flattened fibers, and artificial grass cleaning are all tasks that can quite easily be handled by the homeowner. However, there are times when it is advisable to call in a professional. If large portions of your synthetic grass lawn are flattened, it will likely be too time-consuming to fix this problem with a hand-held brush. Similarly, if your lawn requires major repairs, you would like to change its appearance, or you want additional synthetic grass installed, a professional is your best bet.