Sport Turf Field | Synthetic Grass

Artificial grass has gained in popularity in sports fields around the world because of its many advantages over natural field turf.

South Plains Turf is proud to be partnered with the best outdoor sportsfield makers in the industry.. Our goal is to bring you the best value for the money on your Sports Field Artificial Grass selection. We have addressed safety concerns, environmental benefits, esthetics, durability, availability and price comparison.

* Extensive product selection of highest quality materials
* Great customer service
* Experienced and personal sales and service team
* 100% recyclable products, all made in USA
* Cost effective solutions good for you, good for the environment

With the multitude of athletic turf applications and huge demand for fake grass on sports fields worldwide, we understand why there are so many companies making artificial grass. We also know that there are no other fully integrated manufacturing companies making synthetic grass as qualified as ours. Not only do we have the largest product selection for field turf, but we also have superior customer service from determining the right solution to complete installation. Trust your athletic fields to South Plains Turf.