Artificial Pet Grass is a clean and green...

Let us install a lawn that is clean, low maintenance, safe from dog wear and tear, and available 365 days a year!!! With residential landscaping that includes artificial grass for dogs from South Plains Turf, your yard will be a beautiful area for your dogs every day without the hassles and expense of maintaining a natural lawn!

Pets love the great outdoors–you can see it every time they roll around in the grass. Yet keeping a nice lawn when you have pets can require a lot of work. Dealing with burn spots and yellow stains is a nuisance, and some younger pets will even dig holes in grass just for the sport of it.

* FieldTurf helps maintain a pleasant, safe environment for pets.
* Dogs love that it’s soft and looks and feels just like real grass.
* Urine drains right through and the grass doesn’t pick up an odor.
* Waste won’t discolor or stain the dog grass.
* Dogs can’t dig through it.
* The sand and rubber infill is non-toxic.
* No down time for maintenance, watering, fertilizing…
* You can use any household cleaner to get rid of messes.
* Your yard is always available.
* Muddy spots and yellow grass are gone.
* FieldTurf eliminates muddy paws and dirty pets.
* You spend less time cleaning your dogs.