Enhance the value of your home with South Plains Turf

Synthetic Grass for Residential Landscaping

Our residential artificial turf products, manufactured by the best in the industry, are cleaner, greener and safer than real grass. Now you can enjoy the benefits of real grass without the hassle of seeding, sodding, watering, aerating or mowing! Even if you have pets that destroyed your lawn, we have durable artificial dog grass so your lawn will stay beautiful year-round.

South Plains Turf provides you with professional installation services, which are performed by trained and licensed installers. This allows us to maintain a consistent, high level of quality of lawn care in Lubbock, Texas. Our team of supervised installers is fully insured to protect your investment. We have the latest equipment and an outstanding warranty to ensure that your synthetic lawn always looks its best after our lawn care in Midland, Texas.

Beware of imitators. South Plains Turf is the premier residential landscaping turf on the market. Competing products don’t look and feel as good or drain as well, and they are not as durable. Choose the best for your home; choose South Plains Turf.

Residential Landscaping Projects
Enhance the value of your home landscaping in Lubbock, Texas. And the economic value of residential landscaping in Midland, Texas, also is great. Data from recent studies consistently show that landscaping provides a home with a recovery rate (the percentage return on an investment when it is applied to a home’s resale value) of 100 to 200 percent.